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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Interview w/ Ross Douthat

I had the privilege of speaking with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, who recently gave a series of lectures at Regent College. The first two questions are regarding his lecture series Settling in to a Decadent Decline, and the following questions are regarding his most recent book, Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation [...]

Fall Issue 7: October 28

Fall 7_October 28 Oct 28 Green Sheet PDF

Fall Issue 6: October 21

Fall 6_October 21 Oct 21 Green Sheet PDF

Five Books w/ Bill Reimer

I have worked at the Regent Bookstore for nearly two years. During my time, in matters regarding book recommendations, the most common refrain uttered by myself and my colleagues is: “I’ll ask Bill.” I sat down with Bill and talked books. Dave Redfern: Hi Bill. How long have you worked at the Regent Bookstore? Bill [...]

Five Books w/ Ross Hastings

Brittany R. McComb: What are the top five books you would have every current Regent student read, across the degree program lines? Ross Hastings: The first one would definitely be Resurrection and the Moral Order by Oliver O’Donovan because it presents a gospel understanding of ethics.

Fall Issue 5: October 7

Fall 5_October 7 Oct 7 Green Sheet PDF