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Monthly Archives: March 2011

29 March 2011 Winter Issue 10

Mar 29 Winter Issue 10

By Grace: Maturing into the Image of God in our Difference

Immanuel Koks As a person with a disability I am used to people saying, “because you’re disabled you can do this, but not that”. I am used to having to work hard not to be marginalised. There is a group of people in our churches who have heard that same message. Not because they are [...]

An Excerpt of Spiritual Autobiography

Laura Werezak Then, the people standing, one of the Ministers shall say: Hear the words of the Gospel, written by Saint Mark, in the tenth chapter, beginning at the thirteenth verse. People. Glory be to thee, O Lord. They brought young children to Christ, that he should touch them; and his disciples rebuked those that [...]

Spiritual Formation and the Public Sphere

Christy Hilderbrand As I have pondered my experience of participating in the Marketplace Institute internship this year, the word formation comes to mind. Prior to coming to Regent, I associated “spiritual formation” with the individual practice of spiritual disciplines. Reading Richard Foster’s A Celebration of Discipline as an undergrad opened me to a rich tradition [...]

Reframe: Conversations on Faith and Life in a Complex World

Virginia Cowie Since first coming to Regent from New Zealand in 2007, I have had a secret fantasy.

Living Water: Reflections on Learning at Regent

Sarah Chen Sometime during Winter 2009, I met my friend Thom. In one of our initial conversations as Regent rookies, we asked each other the usual questions: Where are you from? What were you doing before Regent? Are you in MDiv or MCS? What do you hope to do after Regent? etc. Thom told me [...]

15 March 2011 Winter Issue 09

Mar 15 Winter Issue 09

Folklore & Community at a Place Like Regent

Steve Shaw There’s a fine line between nostalgia and remembering. As I get on in my time at Regent I look back from time to time at the people I’ve walked with along the way, reminiscing about the fun times we had together. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a few conversations with [...]

Worth the Wait

Connie Siedler Waiting is hard work. And the practice of waiting well seems like an art that has to be acquired. At least I have yet to meet a person who naturally waits well. Either people have learned how to wait over time, sometimes the hard way, or they still struggle with it.


Hannah Coyne Leaving Regent next month makes me think about shampoo. Namely, will I finish the four bottles of Herbal Essences straightening shampoo that I bought on sale in a (regrettable) spirit of hoarding in December? This is a critical issue. My next thought is, if I don’t finish them, and since I can’t take [...]

On Orange Fleece and Greenpeace: A Review of the Museum of Vancouver

Rod Schellenberg In the case of Vancouver, stunning geography dominates any sense of history. Yet, you can’t know someone simply by staring; you need to talk with them, to learn where they’re from. Being from British Columbia, I thought I knew Vancouver. A recent trip to the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) exposed my presumption.

Divine Incomprehensibility and the Birth of Modern Science

Alex Abecina In my article ‘Gregory of Nyssa: Scientific Theologian’ (Issue 5) I suggested that “a belief in the incomprehensibility of God actually helps to free up science to be science so that science may attend to the world as the world.” Benj Petroelje, never one to let a brother get away with such hand-waving [...]

An Inventory of No Small Wonders and Peculiar Graces

Lance Odegard I don’t deserve friends in my living room late at night laughing, or lake swimming in August, or the smell of onions frying in a pan.

Kim’s Blog Picks

With the end of term fast approaching – carrying with it the flurry of research papers, exams, reading logs and perhaps too much procrastination – Et Cetera asked Kim Boldt, Assistant Manager of the Regent Bookstore, to select some of his favorite blogs dealing with the intersection of Christian thought and culture. The follwing are [...]

08 March 2011 Winter Issue 08

Mar 08 Winter Issue 08

Engaging Affordable Housing

Jonathan Bird, Regent Class of 2000 Exec. Director, CityGate Leadership Forum For almost a generation, missiologists like Ray Bakke and Charles Ringma have recognized the growing strategic importance of Vancouver as a gateway city between East and West on the Pacific Rim: we are a crucible forging 21st globalized culture. Ten years ago others starting [...]

The Face You Don’t See

Dianna Gee When I first came to Regent almost three years ago, I was struck by how the Regent community eat together, or should I say, did not eat together. I noticed that even when we spoke the same language the groups were generally divided among visible, ethnic lines. In the first month I was [...]

Would You Give Up an Arm to Be at Regent?

Davi Lin, RCSA When Rikki Watts mentioned in class that some people in Brazil would give up an arm or a leg to be at Regent, it may have seemed like a good Australian joke. How could somebody give so much, even a part of one’s body, in order to be here? As a Brazilian [...]

Incomprehensible Science: A Defense of Nyssa

F. Peter Bejnar Allow me to summon the superpower which is mine by right of being a Regent College graduate student–Nuance–to reconcile Benj and Alex. When Benj summons Paul Teel and Michael Foster to critique the Alex’s defense of incomprehensibility, he argues “it is the Christian affirmation of creation of creation which paves the way [...]

Falling Falling: A Poem

Bethely Cameron bustle and fluster of flurries falling in bunches on branches extended like fingers to catch white ribbons that lay along their lines