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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Winter Issue 9: March 24, 2009

Winter Issue 9 Greensheet 9 This week: Madi Simpson on missing prayer Constance Chan on salsa dancing and theology Duffy Lott-Gibb on Sarah Crowley Chestnut and her salted tongue Poetry by Sarah Crowley Chestnut and Mary Romero Ferguson And past editor Johannah Wetzel editorializes about Regent’s Health and Wealth.

Winter Issue 8: March 10, 2009

Winter Issue 8 Greensheet 8 This week: Tracy Russell defines ‘feminism’…or does she? Jake Tucker on crackers Sarah Chestnut tells the tale of three spices Spring poetry by William Blake and Gerard Manley Hopkins “True, False or H Ross” And Matthew van Leeuwen begins to wait…again.

Winter Issue 7: March 3, 2009

Winter Issue 7 Greensheet 7 This week: KC Flynn on Stanley Hauerwas and why your salvation may be in doubt Kristin Niehof lays down The Rules Madi Simpson ensures we don’t miss the party Elly Doef withholds the garlic and onions Crystal Shepherd reflects on the prophet in full action.