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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Winter Issue 6: February 24, 2009

Winter Issue 6 Greensheet 6 This week: Rudi Krause on, like, our use of the word “like”, like An anonymous celebration of unrequited love What Vice President External James Matichuk can do for you and how to get money from him What’s in the soup? An unexpected hero Michael Pasche justifies an intentional lack of [...]

Winter Issue 5: February 17, 2009

Winter Issue 5 Greensheet 5 This week: Offering of the Arts Special Edition Poetry by Brett Potter, Jake Tucker, Johannah Wetzel, Elizabeth Fredericks, Jacqueline Law, Celia Olson, Elisa Benson, and Matthew van Leeuwen Short fiction by Rudi Krause A theology of the arts by Michael Pasche Photography by KC Flynn, Michael Pasche, and Matthew van [...]

Winter Issue 4: February 3, 2009

Winter Issue 4 Greensheet 4 This week: Ryan Munn is nausteated by advertising Bethany Sollereder toasts 200 year old Charles Darwin Michael Buttrey on 24 and the ethics of Jack Bauer Rudi Krause prepares us for Offering of the Arts “Submit to Portico“: Beth Fredericks Sarah Chestnut prepares us for Stone Soup And Matthew van [...]