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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Winter Issue 3: January 27, 2009

Winter Issue 3 Greensheet 3 This week: Loren and Mary Ruth Wilkinson reflect on the man Barack Obama Ingrid Chung considers this man’s face Richard Thompson forgives those who park against him Cheryl Wong gives us a taste of the Lunar New Year Duffy Lott-Gibb commends five great fiction reads.

Winter Issue 2: January 20, 2009

Winter Issue 2 Greensheet 2 This week: Lisa Benson reflects on tyranny and the hidden nature of God Alec Arnold is nauseated by the ad nauseam of advertising KC Flynn welcomes us to the REAL Real World Lydia Cruttwell is a taken-care-of caretaker A poem by Cam Tucker Diamond in the roughage: Elly Doef explains [...]

Winter Issue 1: January 13, 2009

Winter Issue 1 Greensheet 1 This week: Ryan Munn, Vancouver and the Apocalypse Curtis Ozirney journeys home Why you can’t ‘beet’ Sarah Crowley Chestnut’s borscht Duffy Lott-Gibb introduces The Vancouver Project And Matthew van Leeuwen wonders what God will do when He grows up.