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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Fall Issue 12: December 9, 2008

Fall Issue 12 Greensheet 12 This week: Michael Buttrey lauds Messiah Sarah Crowley Chestnut comforts the chickens Elly Doef serves up some ecumenism (a plug for Canadian Theological Student Association’s annual conference) Maple Parsnip Soup Recipe from soup masters Elly and Sarah Duffy Lott Gibb speaks about SPEAK And Matthew van Leeuwen suggests 12 Christmas things [...]

Fall Issue 11: December 2, 2008

Fall Issue 11 Greensheet 11 This week: G. K. Chesterton fills in with a Christmas reflection Rudi Krause calls us to exercise some sweet hospitality J. Taylor Siegrist tells the tale of Spanky Beatrice Baxter Potter Baby Boy Siegrist (Pt. 3 of 3) Poetry by M. Christine Hammill and by Peter Anderson Elly Doef and [...]