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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Fall Issue 7: October 28, 2008

Fall7Oct28.pdf greensheet7.pdf This week: KC Flynn on the politics of Wednesday Rudi Krause spends a day at Mount Baker James Yu and Janet Sommes suggest ways of loving our big brother Celia Olson gives a brief history of her cello and the church Sarah Chestnut and Elly Doef rethink the pumpkin A poem by Elisa [...]

Fall Issue 6: October 21, 2008

Fall Issue 6 Greensheet 6 This week: Ben Amundgaard insists that not deciding is still a choice Madi Simpson is misbehaving Rudi Krause and Anna Schmidt update us on Darfur Duffy Lott-Gibb introduces us to Amanda Hawkins and her Two Suns Sarah Crowley-Chestnut and Elly Doef on the three ways of the peanut A photograph [...]

Fall Issue 5: October 7, 2008

Fall Issue 5 Greensheet 5 This week: Lance Kraai wonders if Jesus is in America Bryn Stephenson ruminates on political ethics Jonathan Nicolai-deKoning introduces us to Walter Brueggemann Matt Howeth remembers a Great Tree Laurel Gasque enlightens us on the big, new, dark, Catholic painting upstairs Curtis Ozirney raves about new appliances Sarah Chestnut and [...]