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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Fall Issue 4: September 28, 2008

Fall Issue 4 Greensheet4.pdf This week: KC Flynn exercises his sacred right to not vote Michael Buttrey divorces the state from the church Ingrid Chung is rudely awakened Regent artists receive acclaim Sarah Chestnut and Elly Doef on what’s in the soup Poetry by Melissa Doyle A cartoon from Matt Mattoon And Matthew van Leeuwen [...]

Fall Issue 3: September 23, 2008

Hey friends. Looks like we’ve finally sorted out the blog. I’ve posted the first three issues of this year and I will try to get the missing ones from last year up as well. Peace, Matthew. ———————- Fall3Sep23.pdf Greensheet3.pdf This week: Jeremy Kidwell is a rooted pilgrim Rosie Perrera encourages us to balance life with [...]

Fall Issue 2: September 16, 2008

Fall2Sep16.pdf Greensheet2.pdf This week: Keith Ganzer teaches us something about biblical languages Sarah Chestnut and Elly Doef tell us what’s in the soup Joe Ellis reviews Mark Kingston’s chapel announcements Duffy Lott-Gibb explains the Rosen Women’s Return to Regent Poetry by Melissa Doyle A cartoon from Matt Mattoon And Matthew van Leeuwen introduces himself.

Fall Issue 1: September 9, 2008

Fall1Sep91.pdf Greensheet1.pdf This week: Wan How evaluates the place of technology in our lives Jackie Law reflects on the nature of friendship Rudi Krause mourns the gap that has opened up in the Anglican Church Ingrid Chung thanks the Lord for day-old bread Nerida Peart raves about Community Groups Alex Abecina reviews William Cavanaugh’s Being [...]