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Category Archives: Et Cetera 2011 Issue 11

Amazon: Will it Steal Your Soul?

Travis Black I felt a close friendship with Amazon. We talked a lot, so much so that he had no problem recommending interesting books to me. (The “he” of Amazon is not a gender statement. It was just easier for Amazon to be a guy so that things didn’t get confusing between us spending so [...]

05 April 2011 Winter Issue 11

Apr 05 Winter Issue 10

Gardening the City of God: An Interview with Loren and Mary-Ruth Wilkinson

transcribed and edited by Thea and Jon Reimer JR: This summer you will be piloting a new course entitled ‘Gardening the City of God’.  What was the impetus behind this course and what are your hopes for it? LW: Well, for about forty years now we’ve been teaching courses that try to help Christians be [...]

“The Poor Always Pay Back” or… Do They Really? : Four Myths about Microfinance that You Should Know

Soohwan Park Several enthusiasts interested in working in the relief and development industry have come to talk to me about microfinance in the last couple of years. Some wanted to help the poor by giving them a chance to do business, utilize capital, and get out of poverty. Others were simply curious because of its rising popularity, [...]

Broken by Fragmentation: A Missional Response

Hannah Coyne Like pottery dashed to the ground, many people today have lives marred by fragmentation. A life lived in pieces—in fragmentation—is no life at all. Given that Jesus has come that we may have full and abiding joy, not snatches of happiness in the midst of a lonely and meaningless world, it is imperative [...]