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Category Archives: Et Cetera 2011 Issue 10

29 March 2011 Winter Issue 10

Mar 29 Winter Issue 10

By Grace: Maturing into the Image of God in our Difference

Immanuel Koks As a person with a disability I am used to people saying, “because you’re disabled you can do this, but not that”. I am used to having to work hard not to be marginalised. There is a group of people in our churches who have heard that same message. Not because they are [...]

An Excerpt of Spiritual Autobiography

Laura Werezak Then, the people standing, one of the Ministers shall say: Hear the words of the Gospel, written by Saint Mark, in the tenth chapter, beginning at the thirteenth verse. People. Glory be to thee, O Lord. They brought young children to Christ, that he should touch them; and his disciples rebuked those that [...]

Spiritual Formation and the Public Sphere

Christy Hilderbrand As I have pondered my experience of participating in the Marketplace Institute internship this year, the word formation comes to mind. Prior to coming to Regent, I associated “spiritual formation” with the individual practice of spiritual disciplines. Reading Richard Foster’s A Celebration of Discipline as an undergrad opened me to a rich tradition [...]

Reframe: Conversations on Faith and Life in a Complex World

Virginia Cowie Since first coming to Regent from New Zealand in 2007, I have had a secret fantasy.

Living Water: Reflections on Learning at Regent

Sarah Chen Sometime during Winter 2009, I met my friend Thom. In one of our initial conversations as Regent rookies, we asked each other the usual questions: Where are you from? What were you doing before Regent? Are you in MDiv or MCS? What do you hope to do after Regent? etc. Thom told me [...]