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Fall Issue 8: Nov. 8th

Nov 8 Fall Issue 08 GreenSheet2011.11.8

08 March 2011 Winter Issue 08

Mar 08 Winter Issue 08

Engaging Affordable Housing

Jonathan Bird, Regent Class of 2000 Exec. Director, CityGate Leadership Forum For almost a generation, missiologists like Ray Bakke and Charles Ringma have recognized the growing strategic importance of Vancouver as a gateway city between East and West on the Pacific Rim: we are a crucible forging 21st globalized culture. Ten years ago others starting [...]

The Face You Don’t See

Dianna Gee When I first came to Regent almost three years ago, I was struck by how the Regent community eat together, or should I say, did not eat together. I noticed that even when we spoke the same language the groups were generally divided among visible, ethnic lines. In the first month I was [...]

Would You Give Up an Arm to Be at Regent?

Davi Lin, RCSA When Rikki Watts mentioned in class that some people in Brazil would give up an arm or a leg to be at Regent, it may have seemed like a good Australian joke. How could somebody give so much, even a part of one’s body, in order to be here? As a Brazilian [...]

Incomprehensible Science: A Defense of Nyssa

F. Peter Bejnar Allow me to summon the superpower which is mine by right of being a Regent College graduate student–Nuance–to reconcile Benj and Alex. When Benj summons Paul Teel and Michael Foster to critique the Alex’s defense of incomprehensibility, he argues “it is the Christian affirmation of creation of creation which paves the way [...]

Falling Falling: A Poem

Bethely Cameron bustle and fluster of flurries falling in bunches on branches extended like fingers to catch white ribbons that lay along their lines