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01 March 2011 Winter Issue 07

Mar 01 Winter Issue 07

Love Is Political

Dave Diewert, Streams of Justice I recently attended the 20th Annual Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women. This annual event serves to bear witness to the tragic reality of violence against women in our city and beyond, with particular focus on the missing and murdered women of the Downtown Eastside. Their lives are honored [...]

Remembering a Life: My Grandma and Jurgen Moltmann

Steve Davis How do we take stock of a life? My Grandma was fourteen when she first left home to begin working and she didn’t stop until a year and a half before she died. Up until those final two years she maintained a large garden and made sure that none of its bounty ever [...]

Gregory of Nyssa: A Response

Benj Petroelje Alex Abecina makes me nervous. No need to worry – I’ve already told him this. It all started on a slow Friday morning when Alex and I were labeling children’s books in the Regent Bookstore. I was engrossed in the Lord’s Prayer Children’s Edition, getting in touch with my inner child, when Alex [...]

Our Embodied Selves: Gender, Sexuality and Identity

Stacey Van Dyk Travis Black and Lydia Crutwell’s Et Cetera article on gender has sparked a passionate discussion on gender equality, as challenging and provocative articles often do. And yet, their initial query, ‘What does it mean to be male? And what does it mean to be female?’ has been left unanswered. These questions are [...]

How the RCSA Saved my Life

Ryan Munn – RCSA President, 2009-10 I have something to confess: when I came to Regent in the fall of 2008, I was ‘Regent-Myth’ free. I should have known about the giant steps of pioneer Dr. Jim Houston. I should have felt an awe of walking in the footsteps of JI Packer and Eugene Peterson. [...]