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Category Archives: Et Cetera 2011 Issue 06

Follow the Leader

and a little Child will lead them. – Isaiah 11:6 . Ian and I play “follow-the-leader.” Ian, being five years old, plays the part of the leader.

Holy Laughter: A Review of Stuff Christians Like

Acuff, Jonathan. Stuff Christians Like. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010. Admittedly, I was nervous to read this book. I had seen and read my share of in-house Christian satire and found most of it unhelpful, even spiteful. It’s easy to make fun of interpretive dance, church potlucks, framed Bible verses, homeschooling families—all the things that are [...]

Watching Egypt: A Place I Called Home

We boarded a train in Cairo on the way to Lower Egypt. It was the Fall of 2003. The associate youth pastor and I (the trusty intern!) were responsible for taking the fifteen students that ranged in age from 11-13 to an orphanage in what was billed as a “Mini-Mission Trip.” We were also accompanied [...]

Waiting Women

Long long ago… a weary woman went to the well vexed with her worthless life to quench her thirst what a surprise she had  when the Messiah she met who gave her Living water turning her into an evangelist.

“Sir Mix-a-Lot”

—onacrowdedbus— Rarely is another passenger’s HYPER-AMPLIFIED iPod personally a pleasurable experience

Forget Community: I Just Want Some Friends

Humans, it is cliché but true to assert, are social creatures. We live with one another in a complex matrix of socio-politco-cultural norms and structures incorporating myth, symbols, rituals et al into our individual identities. With this as a given, what then do we make of an institution’s deliberate and formal attempt to create community? [...]

22 February 2011 Winter Issue 06

Feb 22 Winter Issue 06

Why a Theology of Business Matters

At a recent conference in Texas I was asked two questions:  1) Where do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the realm of business? 2) What are one or two intriguing trends where you see this taking place? I like these questions because they already assume that the realm of business matters to [...]