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Five Books w/ Bill Reimer

I have worked at the Regent Bookstore for nearly two years. During my time, in matters regarding book recommendations, the most common refrain uttered by myself and my colleagues is: “I’ll ask Bill.” I sat down with Bill and talked books.

Dave Redfern: Hi Bill. How long have you worked at the Regent Bookstore?

Bill Reimer: Well, it’s been 25 years now. (Continued)

Five Books w/ Ross Hastings

Brittany R. McComb: What are the top five books you would have every current Regent student read, across the degree program lines?

Ross Hastings: The first one would definitely be Resurrection and the Moral Order by Oliver O’Donovan because it presents a gospel understanding of ethics. (Continued)

Fall Issue 5: October 7

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Fall Issue 4: September 30

Fall Issue 4: September 30
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Five Books w/ Hans Boersma

Editor Note: This new weekly column will feature key book recommendations from Regent faculty and staff. Enjoy!

Tracy Russell: Which five books would you recommend for Regent grads to read in their first years following graduation? (Both for long-delayed pleasure and for furthering theological learning.)

Hans Boersma: Well, assuming you have all the time in the world now that you’ve graduated: I would first recommend Jaroslav Pelikan’s five-volume work The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine. It’s an amazing tour de force through the entire history of Christian doctrine, written by an Orthodox scholar at Yale University. The guy knows both the Protestant and the Eastern theological worlds in ways that are unequalled. (Continued)

Fall Issue 3: Sept 23

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Sept 16: Fall Issue 2

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